Bryan Baker

The Castle & Other Songs About Murder

by Bryan Baker

Released 2017
Released 2017
A dark collection of songs about murder. Murder ballads to murder "ditties". Folk with a lush layer of strings, but also ranging to acoustic punk.
This collection came about from a combination of new versions of murder ballads I'd done before, and new songs written explicitly with this project in mind. Two of the songs were originally recorded for a band called the Bravewell Fellows, made up of Bryan Baker, Ryan Morris and Kelly Howerton. "Pretty Polly" and "Fine Flowers in the Valley" were recorded with that band. When we broke up, I started pulling together this project, wrote several new songs and started thinking about how this was going to go together. When I wrote "Something Was Missing" I knew it needed to be a male / female duet. I also knew it needed a great acoustic bass track. Luckily I'd come to know Kelli Rae Powell and her husband, Jim McNamara. They provided the perfect ingredients for that song, and Kelli Rae added amazing vocals to "Pretty Polly" and "Fine Flowers in the Valley".